Regular wellness exams are crucial for keeping your kitty happy and healthy, but many owners are reluctant to bring their cats to a veterinary hospital due to the stress associated with the visit.
While most cats tolerate an annual trip to the vet without a problem, some cats (and owners) may become anxious over the idea of a carrier and a car ride. For these pets, we are happy to now offer in-home veterinary services.
Our mobile care team is happy to come to your home for annual or bi-annual physical exams. If your cat requires additional diagnostics, like an ultrasound or X-rays, we will also provide transportation to the hospital, where he/she may be picked up at your convenience.
Our basic house call package, which includes a complete physical examination plus the cost of travel, is $168. An additional $25 travel fee is added for house calls beyond a five-mile radius of our hospital, up to eight miles. Any dignostics or treatment, such as vaccine administration, are charged as needed.
For multiple pet households, only one travel fee is charged.
What can I expect during a house call?
  • A veterinarian and technician will come to your home with the necessary equipment to give your cat the same quality care he/she would receive at our hospital.
  • Our in-home veterinary services are available for both wellness and sick visits. These visits may include blood and urine testing, fluid or medication administration, vaccines or other preventative care in addition to the exam.
  • Cats requiring additional diagnostic testing or hospitalization will be transported back to The Drake Center. Unless overnight care is needed, you may pick him/her up later that day.
  • House calls often make important veterinary care visits a more pleasant experience for both cat and owner. It also allows our veterinarians to examine your cat in a stress-free environment, which can eliminate white coat syndrome, or false symptoms — such as a heart murmur or high blood pressure — as a result of visiting the hospital.
  • Following each house call appointment, a comprehensive written treatment plan will be emailed to you. Follow-up calls are standard just as they are for in-hospital exams.
What should be done before the appointment?
  • Before any house call appointment, it is important to keep your cat in a small, comfortable room, such as a bathroom. This will keep the cat calm and prevent hiding.
  • Food, water, bedding and a litter box may also be provided.