1. Great staff. Wonderful docs. Great follow-up. A+++

    Julie C.
  2. Our visits to The Drake Center are always extremely pleasant. Everyone is so kind and sweet to our little Fancy, and she loves to go in and see all of you.

    Patricia & Terry M.
  3. I wouldn't trust the care of my dog to anyone else. Everyone at The Drake Center is friendly, caring and professional. Dr. Shotwell is amazing!

    Diane G.
  4. The care and service we have received at The Drake Center over the past 20 years has been the finest I could ever imagine. From the front desk to the animal techs to all the doctors, they are compassionate, knowledgeable and provide care for the whole family.

    Deborah H.
  5. Most excellent! I love how thorough the doctors were in communicating with Ohshi's cardiologist. It made me feel very confident that she was in "caring hands" prepared to meet her needs. She is such a special little spirit to me and everyone at the Drake Center helps to support that. Warmest appreciation to you all.

    Amelia L.
  6. The Drake team is always warm, welcoming and detailed. They treat our pets as well as their own.

    Anne Marie S.
  7. I have been coming to The Drake Center for almost 25 years and have always received kind, loving care for my pets. Everyone is amazing! Thank you!

    Catherine P.
  8. We have been going to The Drake Center for Veterinary Care for many years now. It is because of the "care and compassion" of all the staff that we continue to go back! We highly recommend them for treating your furry kids!

    Rick and Kim H.
  9. After moving to the Encinitas area in 2001, one of my first concerns was finding veterinary care for my pets. After dissatisfaction with a couple other veterinary offices, I ended up at The Drake Center and have been there ever since. I couldn't possibly be more pleased than I have been with everyone I have dealt with at The Drake Center, from the veterinarians to the front and back staff, all of whom are very well trained and exceptionally caring.

    Kirk E.
  10. I just can't say enough great things about the staff at The Drake Center! We adopted Hayley from Rancho Coastal Humane Society in May 2012, she's about two years old and has never been boarded. We were in a bind and, although over the years we've brought all our pets to The Drake Center for shots and treatment (and even had their kind staff put them down) we'd never used the boarding service. Everyone was so kind and attentive to her. They took her to a quiet area first to ease her into it. Hayley had some stomach issues and one of the vets called that same afternoon to obtain permission to treat her. They checked on her often, had her come inside for a while and generally payed extra attention to her during her four-day stay. The staff called, texted and provided photos while she was there, too! Hayley was also due for some shots and they handled it all while she was there so all we had to do was pick her up. We would recommend the veterinarians, the technicians and the kennel staff to anyone who wants their pets treated like family members. Thank you so, so much!

    Michelle L.
  11. The Drake Center doctors are highly qualified and have the compassion and humanity to also deal with their patients' human guardians, many of whom are often stressed by their pet's condition. The staff is a conscientious and well-trained team that is both accommodating and knowledgeable. My dogs aren't just pets, but family members. They deserve the best of care, which is something I feel they always receive at The Drake Center.

    David S.
  12. Almost five years ago, my husband, Mark, and I set out to adopt a Bichon Frise. One Bichon in particular caught our attention: Her name was “Preshus” and she was currently living with her foster family in Corona. We were told she was found as a stray in San Bernadino and turned into a local shelter, which has a reputation for its less than ideal conditions. She was malnourished, flea bitten, covered in foxtails and misidentified as a poodle. We were told from the foster family that she was also quite matted and had been shaved. But given all that, she was the sweetest, kindest dog. Never barked, obedient and house trained. We decided to make the trip and head to Corona to meet this Bichon—and if all went well, she’d soon have a new home and certainly, a new name. Within minutes of arriving at the family’s home, we were sitting on the living room floor and this small and unsure Bichon walked over to us and sat in my husband’s lap. We took a good look at her. Her eyes were red and weepy, her toenails were black, her hair was shaved in random patches—short here, long there and she was underweight. We took her home that day. I couldn’t imagine this kind, tiny, gentle dog wandering around scared and lost in San Bernadino. “No more,” I thought. No more will you be missing, mislabeled or misspelled. You are home. You are ours. You are Lulu! Since then, Lulu has had eye infections, ear infections, nail fungus, allergies, skin cysts, urinary tract infections and gum disease—all of which have been treated at The Drake Center. Most recently, Lulu’s kidney function has shown signs of weakness and she is once again on a round of antibiotics. In the waiting room, Lulu shakes nervously, almost convulsively. In the exam room, where it matters, she trusts the team here—and so do I. As I write this, Lulu is curled up on the couch with me, leaning into my hip. We literally couldn’t imagine our life without her and I know that her life would be very different if we hadn’t adopted her and if she wasn’t in the caring hands of a world-class team at The Drake Center. I sincerely thank Dr. Shotwell and the entire team at The Drake Center for always providing the best of care to my very precious Lulu.

    Dana M.
  13. The veterinarians and staff at The Drake Center truly understand the significance of the relationship we share with our pets. They recognize that we consider our pets valued members of our family and they are sensitive to the emotional attachment that we have with our cherished furry friends. We've had the pleasure of being clients for over 13 years and genuinely appreciate the professional, knowledgeable and most of all, loving care they provide our family!

    Ted & Kristina M.
  14. I rescued my two best friends over a year ago. We were fortunate enough to have a friend who comes to The Drake Center and recommended we do the same. This was the BEST DECISION EVER! Over the past 15 months, we’ve needed care and assistance and without exception, each visit was as pleasing as the previous. The front office staff are courteous and flexible. The techs are thorough and understanding. I can’t say enough about the veterinarians, especially Dr. Hamlet (our vet) and Dr. Moore, who was there for us when Dexter was stung by a bee and not doing that well. I work in human healthcare and have for more than 30 years. I worked for many years as a paramedic and for the past 24 years, I’ve worked in healthcare administration. If human healthcare could treat patients with the warmth, kindness, active listening and genuine concern that Dr. Hamlet and staff treat me and my dogs, our healthcare system would be a much better place. Dr. Hamlet always gets on the floor and actively interacts, examines and listens to our concerns. She is calming, reassuring and always offers options if something doesn’t work as we hoped the first time. She makes us feel like we’re the only ones around, even though I know well she has a full workload.

    Richard R.
  15. This is a photo of our newly adopted dog, Rico. We couldn't ask for a better addition for our family and know that as long as Dr. Shotwell is his veterinarian, he will live a very long and happy life. Thank you, Drake Center!

    Brittney C. & Brian N.
  16. We would like to take a minute to thank you for all the excellent care and continued fantastic customer service. We have been so impressed with every member of your very cohesive team. It is so nice to take our boys to a medical facility where everyone greets you with a smile, where people get down on their knees to love on our dogs and where doctors listen. It is comforting to know that regardless of who is on staff, we are always in good hands. Your kindness, knowledge, dedication and love for what you do can be compared to no other vet. The Drake Center truly is the best and we are so grateful to have found such a great team of individuals for our boys' ongoing care. Thank you for everything!!!

    Krista & Terry F.
  17. I've been bringing my beloved pets to The Drake Center for almost 20 years. All of the doctors and staff are caring, kind and very professional—I wouldn't take my babies to anyone else.

    Marcie P.
  18. The care and service we have received at The Drake Center over the past 20 years has been the finest I could ever imagine. From the front desk to the animal techs to all the doctors, they are compassionate, knowledgeable and provide care for the whole family.

    Deborah H.
  19. I was so excited when I received the newsletter that The Drake Center was going to start doing home visits for cats. I have a large cat (14lb, 6oz!) named Gabe who does not like to be confined in his carrier. By the time he would get to the veterinary office, he was not a happy camper and would start in with hissing and spitting. (He really is a nice and loving cat!) When it came to trying to get him out of the carrier to be examined, he would start swinging his paws with extended claws and put up quite a fight. The last two years I have taken him to the vet, they were unable to complete his examination. The next step was to sedate him to give him exam. I think I was one of the first to inquire about the home visits at The Drake Center. I figured I didn't have anything to lose and it ended up being a great experience. Dr. Kovac, Angel and Jennifer were wonderful—so patient and gentle with Gabe. He did great until the rectal temperature, after which he started in with his protesting and hissing. Everyone remained calm and continued to complete the exam, which included a rabies shot and an aspiration to diagnose a mass. I was so relieved and excited to finally have a thorough exam without having to drug my kitty. I know that I will definitely continue to use this wonderful service. I have been very pleased with The Drake Center. The doctors are great and the staff is always friendly and helpful.

    Chris & Len G.
  20. Great staff. Wonderful docs. Great follow-up. A+++

    Julie C.
  21. As always, the staff were excellent. I love that everyone is so friendly. Dr. Hamlet took care of Rafi and carefully explained the procedure. I've been bringing my cats to the Drake Center since Dr. Drake purchased it. Thanks to all of you.

    Joy A.
  22. I have been coming to The Drake Center for almost 25 years and have always received kind, loving care for my pets. Everyone is amazing! Thank you!

    Catherine P.
  23. The Drake Center's staff are amazing! Everyone is always very friendly and personable. They take great care of our pets and it feels like we are all an extended family. We will always take our pets to The Drake Center!

    Bailee C.
  24. All of the doctors and their entire staff are great. They are concerned, caring and truly love animals.

    Jane S. & Shari B.
  25. We always have a great experience at The Drake Center. You are ALL very genuine in caring for the "parents" as well as the patients. :) I know Slate gets the most up-to-date care in a very caring and family-oriented environment. Slate is treated as well as any of the staff and doctors would care for their own pets. The depth of love owners, and families, feel for their pets is always honored and respected. Thanks for always being there year after year for me and for Slate!

    Bonnie G.
  26. The Drake Center is a first-class operation. I couldn't be more pleased with the level of care and service they provide to me and my dog.

    Matt N.
  27. Every time Cubbie and I come to The Drake Center, we are greeted by so many staffers who make us feel welcome. They'll even say us by name when we walk in the door. Cubbie is a little afraid to come in at first. He even puts on the "paw brakes," but when we go out the door he goes around the corner and tries to come back in. It is obvious every single person at The Drake Center make him feel like he is part of the "gang."

    Lisa K.
  28. The Drake Center is great. I wouldn't go anywhere else for my pets' veterinary care.

    Linda M.
  29. Dr. Kathy Boehme is exceptional! She truly cares about my dog! She explores all options for his care and then develops a total plan for his continued healthy life.

    Jeanine L.
  30. Dr. Shotwell is very thorough and covers everything. I wouldn't go any place else.

    Dorothy H.
  31. Dr. Drake was excellent. She made sure I understood every aspect of caring for my puppy and took the time to answer every question. I would highly recommend The Drake Center.

    Winston G.
  32. Dr. Kovac is a wonderful, caring vet. We're so glad we found her!

    Jannine & Ed T.
  33. As always, Dr. Moore and the staff were caring, helpful and informative. It is obvious that they love the animals they treat, and I always feel good about bringing my dogs to The Drake Center.

    Mindy S.
  34. Thank you for all you have done for my pets. They are better animals for having you in their lives.

    Annie B.