What Is A Health Span Wellness Appointment And What Can I Expect?

These longer exams allow for a deeper dive into optimizing wellness care at each lifestage. Strategies can be tailored to your pets breed and lifestyle and your priorities for their healthcare.

60 minute Health Span Wellness appointments can include:

  • Discussion of the primary challenges experienced at different life stages.
  • Discussion on food choices and nutrition and the emerging link between the gut and overall health. “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” - Hippocrates.
  • Discussion on appropriate supplements based on life stage and conditions.
  • Discussion on at home body condition scoring, exercises and massage for maintaining healthy aging.
  • Discussion regarding Eastern Veterinary Medicine for wellness where appropriate.
  • Infectious disease risk and prevention.

Other services that can be provided at these visits:

  • Update preventative veterinary care
  • Lab work to help steer the direction and priorities for preventative care, screen for occult illness or
  • follow up for chronic conditions.
  • Imaging to promote further understanding, screening and/or follow up for chronic disease processes.
  • 30-minute follow up appointments are available within 2 months of the original visit.


  • Cost for exam: $280
  • Recheck: $150

Note: All visits will include a written copy of the discussion after the visit and links to resources if needed.

These are wellness visits and do not include:

  • Emergency or urgent care situations
  • Assessment of illness requiring medical intervention

How Can A Health Span Wellness Appointment Help My Pet?

A Health Span Wellness Visit can help you increase and better your pet’s health, fitness, nutrition, and life. These visits will help give you the tools and knowledge to help aid your pet at each of their life stages.

How Can I Prepare My Pet For A Health Span Wellness Visit?

Before any Health Span Wellness Visit, it is important that Dr. Boehme has reviewed the pet's medical history information. In order to ensure this information is properly reviewed, we must receive all records ahead of time.

If you are interested in a health span wellness visit appointment but are not an existing client at The Drake Center, your pet's medical records will still need to be sent to our hospital.

We will also need you to fill out the Health Span Wellness Appointment Survey prior to your pet’s appointment.

Scheduling Your Pet's Appointment:

Call us at 760-753-9393 to schedule your pet’s Health Span Wellness Appointment today!

This visit requires a short pre-visit survey to help identify your priorities for the appointment as it is unlikely that every topic can be covered in one hour.