What does it mean to have my dog microchipped?

A microchip is just what it sounds like, a very small chip. It's about a centimeter in length, and it's slipped under the skin of your dog using a large bore needle.  We can do it at the time of spaying or neutering, which is what we usually recommend since they will be anesthetized and won't feel it, or we can do it pretty much any time during a routine visit.  That microchip provides a permanent form of identification should your dog be lost.

Dr. Michele Drake
The Drake Center

Can microchips be used to track my dog?

A microchip may not be used to track your dog, but some tracking devices are different than a microchip, but that's not what this does.

How is a microchip used to identify my dog?

The way a microchip works is that it is a permanent form of identification under your dog's skin. Suppose your dog were to run away if the gate is left open, they jump out of your car, someone's watching your dog and your dog's unfamiliar with that person or their home, or hopefully not, but if fireworks scare the beans out of your dog and they jump out of your yard. What happens is that when someone picks up your dog and finds your dog, they'll bring them to a veterinary hospital or a shelter, and all of these locations do have the microchip scanner. So if someone were to bring a dog in here, we would scan the dog, which would help us identify the owners, get ahold of the owner and reunite you with your dog. It's a very successful way of doing that.

Why do veterinarians recommend getting my dog microchipped?

Because although we all are super well intended to make sure our dog never gets lost, things happen, and over the life of your dog, there are going to be times when something may happen. This is a great insurance policy to ensure you get your dog back.

What if I forget or lose my dog's microchip information?

It's no problem because your veterinarian's office will maintain the records. In addition, the company that you have the microchip with will also have a record of this. So you can call them and get the updated information.

Are there smart products that can connect to my dog's microchip?

No, at this time, there are no other smart products that connect with the microchip. But, some of the newer chips now contain a temperature sensor so the dog's body temperature can be taken by just scanning the chip!  No more rectal thermometers!  

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