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Start your new puppy off on the right paw with our Puppy Wellness Package!

In addition, every puppy package entitles you to a 10% discount off of the price of your puppy’s spay, neuter, pre-anesthetic bloodwork panel, and hip radiographs (if recommended) if done at the same time and before your puppy is twelve months of age.

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We would really encourage you to use this as your form of puppy wellness, because of all the educational materials that we're going to provide you, and the discussions we're going to have over the period of your puppy's growth.

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Hi, I'm Doctor Michele Drake, and I'm here to talk to you today about the benefits of getting a puppy pack, here at the Drake Center. We would really encourage you to use this as your form of puppy wellness, because of all the educational materials that we're going to provide you, and the discussions we're going to have over the period of your puppy's growth.

Puppies, you're gonna get them anywhere between six and eight weeks, hopefully. Eight weeks is the ideal time to get a puppy from a litter because that's a really important time when they should be separated from the other puppies, and begin to bond with you, instead of more with the puppies. Regardless of when you come in, they should be vaccinated every three weeks until they're four months of age.

During your first puppy visit, we're gonna talk a lot about many things, certainly wellness care, which includes vaccines, and parasite control. Parasite control is not only super important for your puppy, but it's also important for your family, too. We want to make sure nobody's exposed to any zoonotic diseases, which are diseases that can be transmitted between dogs, and cats, and humans. So, we're gonna make sure that you're well covered. If you have children, we're gonna have a long conversation to make sure you have a good understanding, and always at the Drake Center, we're all about prevention. So we're gonna use products that prevent any sort of infestation, before your puppy even gets that.

Puppies also quite often come to us with parasites already, it's very common, no matter where you get your puppy from, for them to already have intestinal parasites. There's gonna be a series of dewormings. What's super important, is every puppy's different, every family is different, every puppy has different needs based on their breed, their size, and we're certainly gonna encourage you immediately to get into puppy class. It's really important that puppies begin to have socialization skills at a very young age, so that they get over any fears that they might have. And these are gonna be the things that we're gonna talk to you about at our puppy visit.

Every three weeks you’re going to come in. The first visit's with a technician and a doctor. The next two visits are generally with technicians, but they're gonna review things like how was your puppy's behavior? How's puppy class going? How is house training going? Super important topic. And then making sure that all of the healthcare needs are being met also.

Finally, at the four month time, we're gonna make sure that you have the last visit with the veterinarian, and we're gonna discuss things like spay and neuter, when we're gonna plan to do that, any other lab work that might be done, and the final vaccines. Also, the heartworm and flea and tick prevention that are gonna be required for your puppy. Again, everybody's a little bit different with what their needs are. So, that's gonna be the final visit with the veterinarian, and if there's any very specific behavioral issues going on, it's a really great time for you to review that with the doctor also.

Again, we're going to talk about when we're going to get spayed and neutered, and other needs that are going to happen.

Just one other pitch, we really, at the Drake Center, we highly encourage a visit at six months, also. And the reason for that is because a lot of issues come up between four and six months, especially behaviorally. Diet-wise, we see some of these breeds that have a problem with weight, start to gain weight, and we like to stay on top of that. Exercise needs, and let's face it, people don't have that many puppies in their life, and they really could benefit from some extra education, and that's what we're all about here at the Drake Center.

Puppy Wellness Package

(For puppies up to age 11 weeks)

puppy pack

This package includes all recommended standard vaccines, a fecal test for parasites and the recommended preventative physical examinations. Each visit will provide you with the opportunity to discuss your puppy’s health care progress.

This package does not include additional parasite treatment for positive fecal tests. This package also does not include additional exams, treatments or medications needed by your puppy due to illness or injury.

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